Back-to-school information

This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

Volunteer of the Year

2018-19 Nixon Jessica Stricker Volunteer Of Year Jessica Stricker - Nixon 2018-19 Volunteer of the Year

Jessica is a vital part of the Nixon PTA and Nixon’s volunteers.  She works behind the scenes to prepare for PTA meetings and activities. She also works hard to help plan, prepare, and fundraise for the school carnival.  She has been known to bring her whole family along to volunteer at some of Nixon activities. She has her middle and high school children volunteer and they invite their friends to volunteer also. She is very committed to volunteering and sets that example for her children. When there is a need at Nixon, Jessica has a lot of good ideas on what will work and how the PTA can help. Jessica consistently works to ensure that student and staff needs at Nixon are met by taking projects home and by helping the PTA coordinate volunteers. Nixon is fortunate to have Jessica and her ideas as a part of our caring and committed Volunteers.

Erica Wolterman



Erica Wolterman - Nixon 2017-18 Volunteer of the Year

Erica Wolterman has been chosen as Nixon’s Outstanding Building Volunteer for many reasons this year. We can count on Erica to help with almost anything and everything in our school.  If she takes on a project, she runs with it and is very energetic. She is the first to volunteer. She helps in the classroom working with students, has helped as a runner for the hearing tests, pops popcorn for special days, and plans and organizes many classroom and building celebrations. She has been on the PTA Board in many leadership role positions, is a great contact person between parents and the PTA, and is always working to recruit more PTA members. She has organized Nixon’s carnival for quite a few years and has been the point person in securing donations and volunteers for the carnival. Erica works to make sure that teachers feel supported in all that they need. She organizes and counts box tops and the Hy-Vee receipts, has been a great help to the preschool classes, and can adapt to any situation. Her face is very well familiar in the hallways at Nixon.  Erica is a Rockstar at Nixon and we would be lost without her.


Tomi Fuchs

Tomi Fuchs - Nixon 2016-17 Volunteer of the Year - Outstanding District Volunteer, Governor's Volunteer Award Honoree

Tomi is a wonderful asset to the Nixon school community, regularly volunteering 1-2 hours a day. She serves as PTA president, pops corn for PBIS Fridays, prepares take-home envelopes for families, and takes projects home herself to assist teachers. She also helps with classroom parties, chaperones field trips, and organizes fund raising events. When the PBIS team asked PTA to support a monthly breakfast recognizing students for good behavior, Tomi took the lead. She prepares and serves the hot meal each month for students and their invited guests.  She has also helps prepare the special acknowledgements for these students.  Staff and students know that they can count on Tomi. She goes above and beyond for the Nixon community.