Parent Resources

Adult Resources to Help Children Read:

Comprehensive List of Search Engines Compiled by Grant Wood Area Education Agency

The following sites have lots of information for families.

  • American Library Association’s Great Sites
  • Ask Our Teachers – answers questions about school
  • for Parents – activities for parents and children 
  • Teacher Plus – information for teachers and parents

Keep your children safe.  Discuss the proper use of the Internet.  The Internet can be a very useful tool.  

  • Never give out private information
  • Never give out your address or phone number
  • Discuss which sites can be visited and which are off-limits
  • Tell an adult right away if something on the Internet makes you uncomfortable
  • Never agree to meet an Internet “buddy” in person
  • Never e-mail pictures of yourself or friends to people you don’t know
  • Being on-line is like being in PUBLIC,  use the STRANGER DANGER rules you already know
  • Use the Internet as a responsible person
  • Follow these rules when at home, in school, at the library, or at a friend’s
  • Monitor what your children do on the Internet

Source:  My Rules for Internet Safety,, 2000.