Parent Resources

Adult Resources to Help Children Read:

BigChalk – The Education Network (Tips to Help Children Become Better Learners) 

Comprehensive List of Search Engines Compiled by Grant Wood Area Education Agency

The following sites have lots of information for families.

  • American Library Association’s Great Sites
  • Ask Our Teachers – answers questions about school
  • for Parents – activities for parents and children 
  • Teacher Plus – information for teachers and parents

Keep your children safe.  Discuss the proper use of the Internet.  The Internet can be a very useful tool.  

  • Never give out private information
  • Never give out your address or phone number
  • Discuss which sites can be visited and which are off-limits
  • Tell an adult right away if something on the Internet makes you uncomfortable
  • Never agree to meet an Internet “buddy” in person
  • Never e-mail pictures of yourself or friends to people you don’t know
  • Being on-line is like being in PUBLIC,  use the STRANGER DANGER rules you already know
  • Use the Internet as a responsible person
  • Follow these rules when at home, in school, at the library, or at a friend’s
  • Monitor what your children do on the Internet

Source:  My Rules for Internet Safety,, 2000.