Jessica Stricker - Nixon 2018-19 Volunteer of the Year

Jessica Stricker - Volunteer of the Year 2018-19

Jessica is a vital part of the Nixon PTA and Nixon’s volunteers.  She works behind the scenes to prepare for PTA meetings and activities. She also works hard to help plan, prepare, and fundraise for the school carnival.  She has been known to bring her whole family along to volunteer at some of Nixon activities. She has her middle and high school children volunteer and they invite their friends to volunteer also. She is very committed to volunteering and sets that example for her children. When there is a need at Nixon, Jessica has a lot of good ideas on what will work and how the PTA can help. Jessica consistently works to ensure that student and staff needs at Nixon are met by taking projects home and by helping the PTA coordinate volunteers. Nixon is fortunate to have Jessica and her ideas as a part of our caring and committed Volunteers.

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