Matthew Brown - Nixon Volunteer Hall of Fame - 2019 - 2020

2019-20 Nixon Volunteer Hall of Fame

Nixon Elementary chose Matthew Brown (Pastor Chopper) as our Outstanding Building Volunteer for the 2019-2020 School Year. This is his third-year volunteering at Nixon School. Pastor Chopper is awesome. He meets with students for lunch once a week and provides unconditional compassionate conversation. He is willing to meet with any student we schedule him with because he is accepting of everyone. Pastor Chopper is at Nixon for two hours once a week. He has lunch with students during four different lunches. Pastor Chopper and members of his church have donated playground equipment to Nixon, food for staff during parent/teacher conferences, and holiday gifts to Nixon families. He participates in America Reads and has also recruited members of his church to read at America Reads, help at the Nixon Carnival and read with students. It is a privilege to have Pastor Chopper volunteer at Nixon and we hope he continues to be a member of Nixon’s community family for many years to come!

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